our distinctive is relationships

Owners rely on our purchasing expertise to get what they need.  architects count on us to enhance their design  ideas.       contractors value our experience to anticipate, perform and align them with manufactures that are accountable short and long term. 

Our History

Richard Couturier moved from Scottsdale, Arizona in 2000 to create Telluride Window & Door, Inc.  With the intent to "down size" and live a simpler life and work only in Telluride, word spread and by 2004 the company owned operated Durango Window & Door, Grand Junction Window & Door, Crested Butte Window & Door, Loewen Window Center of Colorado,  Window Center of Colorado. Four magnificent main street showrooms and lots of overhead later and enter 2007.  Our competitive strategy to survive the tough times has proved positive with our "Taking it to the Streets" approach to the market place.  No more staffed / high cost showrooms and displays.  Rather we equipped ourselves with functional hand-carry samples that we travel throughout our region.  Our primary area of service is Southwest Colorado and Eastern Utah.  When asked, we have also done work in New Mexico, Arizona, California and even New York.  While we remain Telluride Window & Door, Inc. our new dba of Windows 4 Colorado is our way to freshen things up, become a little more search engine friendly and restate our purpose while removing brand, price and geographical stereotypes. 

It is a simple 1,2,3...4:  1) Quality customers + 2) Excellent Suppliers + 3) Variety of product types / price + 4) Relationships = WINDOWS4COLORADO     

Richard couturier



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Our Valued Suppliers


Architects:  One Architects, Jamie Brewster, Hugh Newell Jacobson, Eric Cummings,  John Baskfield, Michael McAllister, Doug Macfarlane, Jennifer Barvitski, Graeme Means, Kris Perpar, James Hardy, Jack Wesson, Tommy Hein


Other: Merritt Design Photo and others