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Our job is to guide our clients to the best products to help them meet their goals.  It's not about selling them a product, it's helping them get what they need.

We love the opportunity to get people thinking about windows as an integral part of their project.  Let's face it, we buy windows every day and our customers don't.  We are relied upon to know the details, anticipate the challenges and make it all work. 

The selection process is easy to follow as we color-code every step of the way.

Code White = your initial quotation, the starting place.

Code Yellow 1,2,3, etc.= once you have chosen us to be your window provider, we begin the process of helping you fine-tune your selections.  The changes to your package are tracked numerically until everything is approved and finalized.  At that time, CODE GREEN is issued and all of the team members have the information needed and recorded in one place.  We even laminate the field copies so they stay in tact on site.

how we do our thing = details details details

"Oh, I guess a window order really can be processed and delivered correctly", said Chuck Lopez after his first purchase from our company.

Our customers are spending tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars on windows alone.  We owe it to them to GET IT RIGHT!

No matter the size, the weather or the location - we deliver!  Always in an enclosed trailer.  oh................, and we always bring the mm's